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Iran 2014

Kobieta w Iranie. Tak wygląda ortodoksyjny islam?

Travelling teach us one important thing – world is too complicated and too complex to show it in movies, describe in newspapers or even explain in discussion with your best friend. Every time you are trying to explain how is life in other part of the world you miss something, or your audience can’t get it. It’s experience, a unique value you can gain only visiting that particular place on our globe. Iran can be good example – Western-minded people consider this country as a totalitarian Islamic regime, where the only way to live is reading Koran. But as you come here you notice, that our imagination of Iran is far, far away from reality – people are warm-welcoming to every foreigner (I’ve never made so many friends and pen-friends as I did in Iran), girls are mostly wearing scarves from Burberry, not chadors, the most popular drink is Coke (ok, it’s second after traditional tea with sugar cubes), and students have same American dream as most Europeans and Asians do – to go to America, yes, that bloody United States, and live like, let’s say, Great Gatsby. People’s dreams are similar everywhere in the world and Iran is not an exception. So don’t be surprised and don’t think that posts are sort of propaganda – they’re all true. If you have any doubts, just go there and convince on your own.